Renewable, biodegradable and compostable plastics - Italian online conference

24 November | Circular Bioeconomy
25 November | Applications in the Agrifood sector
26 November | Business Models for Sustainability




Sustainable solutions for bio-based bioplastics.
The European project
BIO-PLASTICS EUROPEis meeting its Stakeholders by organising an online opportunity for discussion, reflection and interaction on todayís major issues linked to the reference models and the solutions represented by biomaterials - biodegradable, compostable and renewable - in support of the EUís strategy for a Circular Plastics Economy.

Assobioplastici, CNR, TICASS and the University of Bologna are offeringtheir vision of the transition to a Circular Economy which is changing our way of managing plastics. It will be an opportunity to explore and developcrucial issues together with citizens, companies, institutions, universities and research centres.





Information on how to take part will be available shortly

Tuesday 24 November - Circular Bioeconomy


The objectives of this first morning are: to gather information and provide food for thought on the Italian situation with regard to the challenges of the Circular Economy; to illustrate the Circular Bioeconomy models which analyse the factors dissipating resources that could otherwise be put to good use in combating climate change, particularly byimproving soil fertility; and to bring to the publicís attention the national champions of the Circular Economy that have reached objectives and paved the way for innovative models that are the example of Italy in Europe.

Wednesday 25 November - Applications in the Agrifood sector


In keeping with the key provision of Responsible Research and Innovation, the second day promotes the alignment of research processes and results, through scientific and economic networks, with the values, needs and aspirations of the major components of society, for instance companies and consortia in the sector and citizens in their role as stakeholders.
Through the testimony of people from the world of research and business, we offer you stimuli and reflections on the state of the art of the innovative solutions offered by compostable and/or biodegradable bio-based bioplastics. The discussion will focus on the strategic role that these materials play in agrifood applications, such as food packaging and agricultural products, without neglecting the crucial aspects of human safety, environmental eco-sustainability and the circular economy.

Thursday 26 November - Business Models for Sustainability

The widespread presence of plastics in our seas and ocean, coupled with greater consumer awareness, have increased the demand for bio-based and compostable plastics which, if managed correctly, can return to the earth as natural fertilisers through industrial composting processes. This property has led to many different applications, most notably in the packaging sector, with numerous examplescurrently on the market. We discuss this topic with the experts, highlighting the commitment but also demonstrating how Italy has a clear vision of what the bioeconomy can offer the current system of production and consumption.



This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation program under grant agreement No 860407